Ready Aim Fire

Whether we like it or not Donald Trump is the President of the United States. That is the new reality. For those who supported him, it is time to celebrate. For those who did not support him, it is time to adjust. And for many, irrespective of whether they are part of the former or the latter, there is an apparent difficulty getting their heads around his current style of governance.

I think that everyone can agree that one of the distinct features of the Donald Trump presidency is that he shoots from the hip. Issues that he addresses are done without any type of detailed or granular consideration; and the media, many Americans, and many foreign governments are somewhat stymied by his actions.

It is interesting that the promised repeal of Obama Care is something of an outlier, and is being subjected to some level of planning and delayed rollout. I will get to healthcare a little later in this post.

There is no doubt that President Trump is not the poster child of political correctness, there are those who say he is brash, inconsiderate, divisive and that at the end of the day, he is bad for the country. On the other hand, there are many that are willing to look aside his particular style (or lack thereof) because they firmly embrace the idea that our “politics” needs a total reset. I am not here to take sides, except to say that America’s strength lies in its ability to unite and that there have been certain demonstrations, violent acts, or inappropriate verbiage that speaks more to the perpetrators of those acts than to the President or the presidency.

My basic question is if there is a real advantage to having a President or CEO that says we cannot wait to act until all of the T’s are crossed and I’s are dotted, that time is our enemy and we need to take swift and decisive action. Obviously, there is a cost for this strategy. Inherently, it means that initiatives will be undertaken that will be far less than perfect, the rollout will be bumpy and adjustments will have to be made on the fly. These adjustments will either be initiated by the President and his inner staff, the legislative branch or the judicial branch. Will we get more done in a year or two with the ready fire aim approach, than the deliberate, painstaking, executive and congressional horse trading that has been the hallmark of American politics? Will we need many thousands of pages of legislation and many more thousands of pages of regulations before any idea can be floated, conveyed and carried-out? How long will it take, and how much can be accomplished on the politics as usual route ?

The next question is if America would be better served if the journalists restricted themselves to the “issues” rather than wasting their efforts and resources, as well as the time and attention of their followers, with questions like –  is our trade agreement with Mexico going to be renegotiated or replaced?, will Obama Care be repealed or replaced? Shouldn’t the only question in both of these cases be what do we have now and what will we end up with? What will the side-by-side comparison look like? Who really cares what the change is called.

It seems ironic that the very news outlets that complain about the ready fire aim approach, bristle about the fact that the healthcare reset is going to take time. From my perspective, I think that unless and until we have concrete solutions how to actually lower the cost of the provision of healthcare, and/or we are ready to ration healthcare, we will not have a global and viable solution. If the goal is to lower insurance premiums without lowering the underlying costs of the provision of healthcare, from my perspective it is an effort in futility. I hope to suggest a number of viable options for lowering the cost of the provision of healthcare in future posts, but as an underlying predicate, the solution does not lie with paying doctors less than they are already paid.

Are we “going for the capillaries” when there are real issues and we can better focus “on the jugular” of our economy, values, as well as threats from both within and abroad?

What do you think?